We predict, invent and commercialise advanced materials through the identification and manipulation of compounds at the atomic scale.

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At nH2, we work alongside leading scientists to aid discovery of technologies that will disrupt multi-billion dollar markets.

Our approach


Ushering a wave of invention through Mi3Data

Mi3Data gives us the ability to accelerate the discovery of novel materials using combinatorial optimisation to digitally predict and fabricate new compounds.


Building unique, strong, global scientific partnerships

Our success rests on the strength of long-term relationships with our scientists. They form a core part of our team, and benefit financially from the collective success of our organisation. Together, we discover technological solutions capable of addressing key global challenges. We are particularly interested in creating game changing solutions to alleviate the world's dependence on fossil fuels and to ensure universal access to clean water.


Providing strategic and commercial expertise

Our management team apply their industry experience and rigorous business discipline to nurture and protect new discoveries. As the major investor in our subsidiaries, we follow a defined capital allocation process with clear investment exposure parameters to manage risk. We have amassed extensive and original intellectual property through primary research conducted in the labs of leading universities, and are focused on protecting it. We currently own 58 patents with another 170 pending.


Taking a considered and long term view

In the 12 years since our inception, we have demonstrated a track record of patiently but effectively nurturing maturing product specfici portfolio companies to the point of pre-commercial prototypes. We focus on opportunities to disrupt established and highly profitable industries. Our investment methodology and the unique relationship we have with our scientific network means that we can strategically and rapidly address new opportunities as discoveries are validated.


Our technologies

Over the last decade we have been building a portfolio of well-established and scientifically proven discoveries that are near to or at pre-commercial prototype stage. We are currently investing in the next generation of material discovery with the potential to make a significant contribution to energy and water sustainability over the coming decades.

Of the twelve product specific subsidiaries we are currently prioritising, two are generating revenue, and two have developed commercial prototypes.

Technology Development Stages

21 technologies

9 terminated

Early Stage


Power storage materials


Hydrogen generation from novel carbon


Capacitive dionisation


Conversion of CO2 into fuel



Monitoring of composite structures


In home/office power management & storage


Environmentally friendly, carbon neutral cement



Improving our vision at night


Proprietary pixel architecture for rigid and flexible diplays


Solid-state radiation detection



Materials for targeted contaminant removal in water


Proprietary platform for the design and engineering of advanced materials